The primary language of instruction from K-12 is English. Placement for students who join midway is based on language competency who will be placed in additional short-term personalized ESL-type language programs to help them acclimate to the necessary language skills.

In addition, TLCi fosters learning of local languages from Grade 1 through Grade 4. Hindi and Kannada are offered in order to acclimate the learners with local and national traditions and language cultures. Grade 5 onwards, learners can choose between Hindi or French to pursue their higher order language skills through listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Use of age appropriate milestones and standards are only the beginning. As an international school, our students explore the world around them through self-worth driven education in culturally responsive classrooms.

Primary School: G1 – G5

Our child-centered curriculum continues to build the creativity, communication, critical thinking and collaboration skills in the Primary grades. We build on the early learning skills to develop socially confident, self-aware and emotionally prudent students. This is accomplished with a close partnership between teachers, students, and parents. With an emphasis on STEAM, our faculty use active learning methodologies and subject specific labs to engage the learners. As the role of technology is evident in our day-to-day lives, we begin teaching ICT and digital citizenship in our Primary grades where we create meaningful opportunities for students to explore learning through technology. Steeped in co-curricular activities such as educational visits, educational fests, etc. Our Primary Years program ensures they move to middle school as self-motivated and engaged learners.