The primary language of instruction from K-12 is English. Placement for students who join midway is based on language competency who will be placed in additional short-term personalized ESL-type language programs to help them acclimate to the necessary language skills.

In addition, TLCi fosters learning of local languages from Grade 1 through Grade 4. Hindi and Kannada are offered in order to acclimate the learners with local and national traditions and language cultures. Grade 5 onwards, learners can choose between Hindi or French to pursue their higher order language skills through listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Use of age appropriate milestones and standards are only the beginning. As an international school, our students explore the world around them through self-worth driven education in culturally responsive classrooms.

Early Learning Centre

Children of ages 2.5 years to 4.5 years are characterised by unbounded energy, unlimited curiosity and untethered creativity. We simply help them channel these qualities through three specific goals: Build confidence, mindfulness, and self-regulation. The IGCSE curriculum for early years helps us achieve these goals through developing communication skills, language and literacy, numeracy and mathematics, physical development and personal-social-emotional development. Structured play and freeplay are a huge part of early years education to unleash the creativity of each child.