The primary language of instruction from K-12 is English. Placement for students who join midway is based on language competency who will be placed in additional short-term personalized ESL-type language programs to help them acclimate to the necessary language skills.

In addition, TLCi fosters learning of local languages from Grade 1 through Grade 4. Hindi and Kannada are offered in order to acclimate the learners with local and national traditions and language cultures. Grade 5 onwards, learners can choose between Hindi or French to pursue their higher order language skills through listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Use of age appropriate milestones and standards are only the beginning. As an international school, our students explore the world around them through self-worth driven education in culturally responsive classrooms.

Middle School: G6 – G8

The transitory preteen years play a pivotal role in shaping the academic minds of our young and impressionable middle school learners. The middle grades have a robust academic curriculum in addition to several extracurriculars in the form of club activities such as reading club, coding club, editorial club, and various performing arts and sports clubs. With a strong emphasis on competency based learning and assessments, we build their capacity for independent, self-directed learning and critical thinking skills. By Grade 8 most of our learners are able to make their subject and language choices for highschool as they have been introduced and interacted with the options being made available to them.

Our admissions desk can provide more details on our Middle Grade programs.