Welcome to TLCi

Mysore’s First International School Offering Cambridge Syllabus

As an international school, the vision of TLCi is to be an institute that sets a globally-focused standard of education for our region. With the holistic education of our students as a priority, we partner with parents to support, prepare, and inspire success in every aspect of the students’ lives in the global community: educationally, professionally, emotionally, socially, physically, and creatively. Our students discover and realize their true potential by promoting independent thinking. Our classrooms are happy, safe and positive environments which enhance the natural progression of learning.

The Learning Curve International Academics

Early Learning

Our curriculum helps learners aged 2.5 to 4.5 build confidence, mindfulness and self regulation that they need to make the best possible start in life.

Primary School

Our child-centered curriculum continues to build creativity, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration skills in the Primary grades.

Middle School

The middle grades have a robust academic curriculum in addition to several extracurriculars in the form of club activities which build their capacity for independent, self-directed learning and critical thinking skills.

High School

The University of Cambridge offers the International General Certificate Secondary Education qualification (IGCSE) as international equivalent of India’s Grade 10 board exams.

The Learning Curve International Offers

Co-Curricular Activities

Age appropriate co-curricular activities like visual arts, fitness, student led clubs, etc are a huge part of the academic programs from Primary to High School.

TLCi School Facilities

With a 60,000sqft campus we provide excellent infrastructure, sound organizational support with well equipped , well ventilated classrooms and facilities like ICT labs, basketball courts, playarea, art rooms,etc.

TLCi School Recognitions

International GCSE , GCE / Advanced level and International Advanced Level Qualifications have long been approved by the Association of Indian Universities as offering qualifications equivalent to those offered by State and Central boards in India

International Advanced Levels

The University of Cambridge offers the IAL qualification (IAL) as the next step in a student’s education after IGCSE (Grade 10 in India). The IALs are competitive pre-university courses and our goal for students enrolled in AS (Grade 11) and A2 (Grade 12) classes is to be college ready.

Why Choose TLCi?

As the first international school in Mysore, TLCi is the first choice for parents who seek 21st century education. Learning is a process and this is captured aptly in our name - The Learning Curve. As a double-board affiliated institution, our students experience a globally acclaimed active-learning and inquiry-based curriculum. Our curriculum, coupled with trained and experienced mentors and facilitators, allows candidates to explore, experiment, and expand their learning. Limited number of students leads them to experience a wide variety of co-curriculars integrated into our curriculum and provides opportunities to develop specialized skills, while building social, emotional and personality skills as well. These skills lead to our final focus: value-based education which is ultimately essential to build a disciplined, synthesized, creative, respectful, and ethical mind. Every school promises to educate your child. We promise to make them thinkers, dreamers, inventors, problem-solvers, and pioneers!

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