Best fit facilities for students

TLCi is located on a 60,000sqft campus in Vijayanagar 2nd stage of Mysore providing a safe and secure learning environment for students to fulfill their dreams. and develop into responsible global citizens. We provide excellent infrastructure, sound organizational support with well equipped and well ventilated classrooms.

ICT Labs

Our ICT Lab is fully equipped with good workspace catering to students from Grade 1 - 10, where they learn about different devices & areas of applying the technology from Grade 1 itself. Our lab's infrastructure has been built keeping in mind the creativity of our students. Our Science labs are well equipped, spaced for the engaged investigative nature of scientific learning.

Chemistry LABS

The labs focuses on the natural as well as the industrial processes we use in our world. Students initially develop an interest and excitement for Chemistry through exploring the beauty of the reactions and the interactions we find everyone in the molecular world. For their boards, students become experts in industrial processes such as filtration, electrolysis, identification of gases, rates of reactions, and investigations into molecular structures and properties.

Art Room

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. Our art room is filled with colors of Acrylic, watercolor and pastels etc. Here we work on principles of art including visual and design saga. All classes here will foster a love for art and creativity. The art room is a place where students enjoy learning a multitude of techniques, while being exposed to various styles of art ranging from modern art, folk art, object study, landscaping and decorative styles. Children are encouraged to express themselves, using different mediums like oil pastels, water colors, pencil shading, etching and many more.

Biology Labs

Biology Labs In Biology, our labs are designed to make students familiar with their natural world both inside and out. At a young age, it builds an understanding of the human impact on the world around them. Labs bring fun to the exploration of our place in the animal kingdom, our relationship with the plant kingdom, and our role in safeguarding the environment. As they prepare for their boards, students become skilled in the various techniques such as chemical tests for food substances, hydrogen carbonate indicator, litmus, and universal indicator paper. They are able to identify specimens and their components. They develop the ability to record the data relevant to their experiment and draw relevant conclusions.

Physics LABS

Physics allows us to understand how industry and technology build on the principles of nature to improve the living conditions of everyone. Students initially approach physics as advanced play by understanding the technology we take for granted at a deeper level. Labs also help connect our own experiences in the world with the science in class. For board exams, students will gain an in-depth understanding of the impact of various forms of energy, i.e. thermal, electrical, etc... They will understand how to use various apparatus in the measurement of optics, simple machines, and oscillations.

PlayArea / Sports

Our campus has an array of play areas for kindergarten, a dedicated basketball court along with a huge ground to play football. Plus an extra area in case the students wish to explore throwball / volleyball. A day in school is never a dull one as our curriculum is a well balanced one with academics as well as co curricular activities.